Open Pre-Order (Indonesia area only)
17 Oktober - 31 Oktober 
Barang akan dikirim tanggal 3 November

COD area Bandung, hanya bisa hari Jumat, ya (:
(kalau barang ready, bisa langsung cod-an)

-Daerah sekitar Dago: McD Simpang, ITB
-Istana Plaza
Kalau saya datang ke event tertentu di Bandung, saya akan update, kita bisa COD di sana.
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*Punten saya sedang sibuk, saya usahakan saya reply secepat mungkin dalam jangka waktu 24 jam
*Untuk doujin Gaim saya pending dulu

I try new paper, still adapting with it and this paper kinda frustrates me q-q

Today’s weather is so hot…

Because I run out papers, I do each day pics in one paper
Day 1 Takatora (KR Gaim), Day 2 Zett (Toqger), Day 3 Sailor Saturn, Day 4 and Day 5 are my ocs

well, it’s mostly… talking to yourself, and your followers see it, and maybe they’ll reply, maybe not. xD
Ah i see I kinda understand. It’s fun to find an app which I can put my random babbling there so I won’t flood my tumblr with random stuffs xD

uastis replied to your post:How does twitter work? I have twitter since months…

I have twitter since 2010 and just recently started figuring it out. I don’t understand it all yet. Getting there. XD

Ah, OK so I’m not alone then. xDD
Social media isn’t my forte orz

How does twitter work? I have twitter since months ago and still don’t know what to do with it….

Thank you everyone for sharing some stuffs for cheering me up Q-Q I watch them while crying-eating donuts. The pig-monkey, cats, Coco Peru and random Thailand commercials are (owo)b Thaanks \Q———Q/
I’m going to sleep now I hope tomorrow will be better 
Good night c:

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I tag…everyone who want to do this? xD

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It took me long to translate few random Indonesian phrases I wrote there, I hope I translated it to something make sense.
Also ‘cublak cublak sueng’ is a Javanese folksong for child game (if you noticed Kouta singing it in a panel lol)