Event is next week


Looks like I rarely post wips of my digital works. Because I’m too lazy screenshot them.
These were taken when I was chatting with my friend and sharing some stuffs… 

Baron came today! >w< I’m very happy seeing the box that arrived.
Thinking to buy orange… but I think I should buy a new monitor first….

(Source: thenugu)

Since there are some requests keep coming into my ask box….
These are the three requests that I haven’t made, came before I made this post. I only count them as the requests I promise to make. 
FYI, I’m currently super busy with work and upcoming events so I’m pending them until October. Very long huh T_T *sobs in the corner

Basically I already busy with current work and I’m dumb enough to apply for event on September which well… I’m very looking forward for it. 

Also in the middle of September, the studio where I work to will attend a computer/game event. So we need to prepare stuffs for the exhibition.

Thank you for understanding and have a nice day owo/

I just run from reality that I still have a comic to finish, and a bunch of work
Cameo frame is from link

Looks like I make a kinda… progress—-y thingy….

My Joker has new minion now…. Melon <3
This month salary is mostly for shf… so…. I’m kinda broke now. I’m about going to buy banana >A<

I have an urge to sleep on them